Dear Kirkland

I believe the majority of citizens feel unheard and unengaged by the city council. If I were to ask an average person in Kirkland when city council meetings are held, how to voice their input, or even who their mayor is, they wouldn’t know. This is clearly an issue in a democracy.  My solution entails community members opting-in, if they so choose, to emails sent to a resident list as part of an efficient and accountable multi-platform system that requests their feedback.  

I will also support our brave firefighters by encouraging the funding of Fire Station 27 to provide enhanced response times that further ensure public safety in response to our growing population density.  I will aid our equally heroic police officers by assisting them to achieve their 39 strategic plan recommendations, including the “Target Zero” campaign targeting DUIs, and alternatives to incarceration. 

I humbly ask for your vote.



PO BOX 407 - 721 4th Ave
Kirkland, WA, 98083

(425) 298-6028


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